Ancient tradition of Mediterranean cuisine, myriad of colours, scents and tastes of the sea and the land,the sun and the wind, vineyards and olive orchards...
and so much more...


Mediterranean cuisine in our restaurant is based on fresh groceries from a local suppliers. We have a small market in front of the hotel to thank for that. Of course, fresh fish is at a hand’s reach so we offer daily catch prepared according to your wishes.
On our menu you can find different risottos, carpaccios, steaks and traditional pekas. Our goal is to combine traditional Dalmatian food and modern cuisine. To check our progress make sure you browse through our menu whether you are a guest of our hotel or just an island visitor.

  • Cold appetizers

    Dalmatian plater

    - dalmatian smoked ham from Drniš, home made goat cheese, cheese from Pag, olives, fresh tomato

    Goats in olives

    - home made goat cheese with olive oil and olives


    - fresh melon with scampi and dalmatian smoked ham

    3 taste Bruschetta

    - onion / tomato and tuna / smoked ham and goat cheese
  • Warm appetizers

    Tagliatelle with prawns

    Penne with bacon and pinoli

    Forest risotto

    Octopus in red wine

    Black risotto

Daily fresh fish on the grill

Naziv jela 1
Naziv jela 2
Naziv jela 3
Naziv jela 4


Peka - traditional Dalmatian dish baked under the bell: Octopus / Vegetariana / Veal / Prvić’s Goat
Naziv jela 1
Naziv jela 2
Naziv jela 3


Fruit salad
Ice cream cup
Pancakes "Maestral" - ice cream and warm fruits
Rozata - cream caramel